Back Labels

Too often back labels and wine descriptions are bland and uninspiring.  The back label is the one chance that a bottle has to tell the consumer how delicious it is and why it should be chosen from the vast array of others on the shelf. A great description of how the wine tastes and what food it should be eaten with can make the difference between that bottle being put in the basket or back on the shelf. Bringing the product to life on the back label can maximise its shelf appeal.

Shelf Tickets

It can be a minefield for consumers walking into a retailer and not knowing what to buy. Well executed shelf tickets can really help customers navigate the range and influence their purchase decisions. 

Wine Lists

A compelling description can sell a wine on a wine list but many fall short. I can write beautiful descriptions and recommend food matches from your menu too. Why not hold a tasting session for your staff to help them understand the wines better, giving them the confidence to make recommendations to customers and encourage trade-up?

Marketing Materials

From eye-catching leaflets and posters to highly informative and interesting advertorials and magazines, I have a wealth of experience in writing copy that makes a difference and can help your brand really flourish.

Competition Entries

From managing individual beer, wine or spirit entries for competitions like The International Wine Challenge, to compiling detailed entry
packs for awards such as The Retail Industry Awards, I have a proven track record of putting together information which will insightfully promote your product or business to the judges.


I have built excellent relationships with the drinks press over the years and have experience in composing and executing PR strategies which deliver great results.  From writing compelling press releases to organising highly engaging tastings for journalists, I have a wealth of knowledge to help you gain significantly increased exposure for your brand.  

Tastings and Events 

There is nothing like actually getting your drink into someone’s hands to try it – the ultimate form of advertising! Having organised over 25 press tastings for journalists, I know what they are looking for and what works. I have also managed large events from idea conception to delivery, for example a very successful food and wine matching event at The Wine Show which attracted over 6000 visitors. 

How about a fun evening for colleagues or clients with a blind tasting – a great team building exercise! I can also manage your stand at larger tastings like The Three Wine Men and The Wine Gang – talking to consumers about drinks is what I do best!

Staff Training

I can create bespoke tasting or training packages to give staff the tools and knowledge to really make a difference at the point of purchase. Leaflets and posters can really help impart knowledge quickly, like this credit card-sized leaflet I created for Sainsbury’s staff at Christmas to give them key nuggets of information about seasonal products.